How to Change browser settings to default in windows 10?

If you are using Windows 10, you will find Microsoft Edge as the default browser. If you want to change to browser of your preference here is how you can do it.

Change your default browser via Settings app in Windows 10

Open – Settings App via Start menu and then press – Settings icon. After the Settings App expands head to – Apps

Now, click/tap – Default apps located in the menu towards left.

Next, towards right side of the window, just scroll down to find for the section that says – Web browser.

This section will show you the web browser that is set as default web browser presently on your Windows 10 device.

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In case you have already installed other web browsers, you can simply choose any one of them and set it as the default browser. In order to accomplish the job, just press the Web browser you want to set as default browser and that’s it.

Windows 10 shows the list of each and every browser being installed. So, to select any browser of your choice as default you can just select that particular browser.

Also, you may have observed that the list contains an option named as – “Look for an app in the Microsoft Store.”  Upon pressing this link, it opens the Microsoft Store which offers other web browsers for you to download and install if you wish to.

Change default browser with browser settings

In case you still haven’t installed your preferred on Windows 10, make sure you download and install it. After you go through the installation process, just immediately after the process gets over the browsers ask you whether you want the browser to set as your default browser.

For example, Google Chrome always displays the message each time you open it whether to set it as your default browser.

Upon pressing the button – Set as default, it opens the – Settings app – then – Default apps window appears from where you can select the newly installed browser as your default web browser.

In case the window with the message – “Set as default” is not visible, you can easily search for it in – Google Chrome settings.

Just press 3 vertical dots that appear on the right-top corner to expand menu – Customize and control Google Chrome.

Select – Settings from the menu.

In Settings tab just scroll down which then expands and you need to search for the section that says – Default browser. Simply press the button – Make default

After pressing this button, your Windows 10 opens the – Settings app and then directs you to the – Default apps window we discussed above in the article.

Now just follow the steps shown above to choose and set default browser of your choice.

  The Settings are almost same in all the browser settings in Windows 10. So, it is easy to follow the steps and set your favourite web browser as default browser.

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