How do I Sync my Setting in Windows 10

Learn about synchronising your settings in windows 10 online with step by step tutorials along with pictures.

Setting Synchronization( Windows 10) –

Windows 10 comes with various features and settings. When synchronization settings are turned on it keeps track of the settings cared by the users and sets them for further use on any Windows 10 device. This feature has proved useful with the users having multiple devices with Windows Operating System. It is an important feature in Windows which helps in synchronizing users personal or device settings, to any other PC logged in with the Microsoft account.  The settings have improved a lot from Windows 7 to Windows 10. The sync settings are available in consolidated formats in Windows 10 platform. There are various features to be known to the users about Windows 10, as now the Windows XP, vista and windows 7 has become outdated and all users are opting for Windows 10, without any doubt, Windows 10 has introduced several new topologies and many security constraint. Windows 10 has got inbuilt antivirus.

Sync Settings in Windows 10 – It is very necessary that user must have a Microsoft account as the synchronization depends on this process. This account can be used for logging into any device from anywhere just by Microsoft account and enjoy the personalized setting.  With it user can log in into any device with windows 10 operating system to have access to all personalized settings and can carry out the work without any halt.

By default the Sync setting in Windows 10 is turned “On”

Steps for synchronizing settings –

Synchronizing settings in Windows 10 is easy, here we will know how to sync settings in windows 10.

STEP 1 – Go to the Start button. Select Settings from the menu.

STEP 2 – Go to the Accounts option in settings – In the account panel all options for synchronization is available.

STEP 3 –  Microsoft Account Login –

In the Accounts menu browse for Your email and accounts option which is available at the top left panel in the account menu. Login to the Microsoft account with the user login credentials ( username and password). Microsoft Account login is necessary or all the available options will remain blurred or greyed. So it is necessary to login in order to get access to all the sync settings, and synchronization can be done in Windows 10.

STEP 4 – Sync your settings –

After the successful login to Microsoft account, Visit back the account section and click on sync you settings, available on the left side of the account section.

Now the synchronization can be performed in two simple ways, which includes synchronizing all settings and synchronizing individual settings. Both can be applied as per the need. There are two different boxes available for both the settings. If user want to sync all settings for Windows 10, make the slider On available below, and once it is turned On it will start synchronizing all the settings automatically. On the other hand in the Individual settings, User can set the individual settings to On or OFF as per the need or requirements. It depends on the basic needs of the user.

These are the simple steps involved in Synchronizing the setting in Windows 10. Its easy,  simple and well represented in this post. Just follow the simple guidelines mentioned in this website to synchronize your settings in Windows 10.