How to Fix Display Driver Stopped Responding and Has Recovered

Fortunately, there are solutions that can help you fix the error – “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered” provided it hasn’t occurred due to a defective GPU. If you want to learn to resolve this issue the article would give you effective solutions that you can check out.

Uninstall and then reinstall your graphics drivers

Press the following keys – Windows + R to open Run

In type Run dialog type – devmgmt.msc and hit- Enter to start – Device Manager.

In Device Manager, open – Display adapters

Right-click on graphics drivers and then click- Uninstall and then follow the steps shown through the un-installation wizard so that you can uninstall the drivers. In case you have more than a single graphics driver, then repeat the same for each of them.

display driver stopped

Restart the PC. After the PC boots up, it will automatically start re-installing same version of graphics drivers. In case your PC is unable to do it, just visit your GPU’s manufacturer’s official website and search, download and then install them on your own. After the drivers are re-installed, check if the error is fixed.

Take off the burden from your GPU

The computer’s graphics driver in Windows might reboot and result in the error  – “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered” in case more programs/applications that your GPU can not handle are running. In that case, try to take off some burden from GPU by closing some of the applications that you aren’t using often to check if that solves the issue.

Update graphics drivers

In case there is latest version available on your PC for the graphics drivers then download and install them to resolve this error.

In order to check for availability of the latest version on your PC, visit the official site of  GPU’s manufacturer, go to – Downloads or Support area and check if there is any latest version available for your graphics drivers for your particular GPU. In case there is a version available, download & install it, and once again check if this has resolved the error.

Clean dust off from GPU manually

Yet another reason for the error can also be overheated GPU and if you think about why the GPU gets overheated then the common reason is due to dust or other impurities that settle on them. In order to clean off the dust/impurities, all you can do is to shut down your PC, open your PC, remove your GPU, its radiator, its port in motherboard of the PC, its heat sinks, fix the GPU  and restart the PC to check if the error has been resolved and the PC boots up easily.

GPU’s TDR timeout should be increased

TDR (Timeout Detection and Recovery) actually has a default time period which is the limit after which the GPU of your PC will not respond

The function reboots your display drivers during which you get the error –  “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered”

You can resolve this error my increasing TDR timeout for the GPU which you can perform by editing computer’s registry.

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