How to Fix INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE Error in Windows 10

The error – “Inaccessible boot device errors in Windows 10” is not a complicated error and can be fixed easily. This article will help you find out the solutions to fix this error.

Update the Drivers

First, try to update the drivers. Yes, if the drivers are faulty they can lead to a number of issues with your computer too.

The system will show like you are using old drivers. In case you encounter – inaccessible boot device error, the main cause is – IDE ATA/SATA controller driver.

inaccessible boot device

Recently-Installed Packages should be removed

In case you think the problem occurred because of an update, then search for the packages that you have installed recently and just remove them all one by one. This will surely erase the update which is problem causing culprit.

Note: This process will require restarting your system, so ensure that you have saved all your work before proceeding to the restart process.

Open – Settings app and go to – Update and Security—Recovery—Advanced Startup–Restart Now

After a couple of minutes, you will see a blue screen

Head to – Troubleshoot—Advanced Options–Command Prompt.

Your machine will now restart & boot right into Command Prompt app. When you see Command Prompt  on the screen just follow the steps:

Type  – dir c: and then just hit – Enter.

Run – Dism /Image:c:\ /Get-Packages.

You can now view the packages you have installed on your system. You can check the date field to know the most recent ones and note them. Use the date field to identify the most recent ones and note them.

In order to erase the package, type – dism.exe /image:c:\ /remove-package /[package name]. Here you can replace the package name with the ones you have noted in earlier step.

Reboot the machine.

In case the issues is not resolved even after eliminating the recent update and still BSODs are visibile for you then repeat steps given above with other recent update.

Check if there is a  Corrupted Hard Drive

Corrupted files existing on the hard drive can also lead to the error. Fortunately, there are solutions to fix it.

First, open – Command Prompt as an administrator. You can do this by pressing – Windows key and then type – cmd and then right click on it and then – Run as administrator.

In Command Prompt app, type – chkdsk /f /r and hit- Enter.

Let the app process the input given and then type – Y and hit – enter. In case you are not able to boot Windows, you can run this command via recovery console which can be done by entering – chkdsk /r C:

Activate AHCI Mode in BIOS

Some users say that enabling the AHCI mode in system BIOS immediately resolves the error – inaccessible boot drive.

The BIOS menu differs with each manufacturer and thus not one size suits every one.

Generally, you need to enter BIOS while booting boot ideally by pressing – EscapeDelete, go to the menu – Advanced Options and look for – Set AHCI Mode, and just alter the value – Enabled.

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