How to recover unsaved word document?

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While working on your PC, you are just busy completing the work as fast as you can. Sometimes you create a Word document, work on it and accidentally close it before saving it. This happens many times and after this you panic as how you are going to recover the lost word document wherein you lost your hard work too.

Don’t panic as you can retrieve your unsaved Word document easily. Simply follow the given solutions below to recover an unsaved Word document

First Method

Recover Unsaved Word Document from the Temporary Files

In case you are aware of the address on your PC then follow the url given below


Else just follow simple steps as mentioned below:

Open – Word document files, next, click  – “File Tab”

Click  – Info–Manager Versions–drop-down list

Click on  – “Recover Unsaved Documents” which will display a window that contains the list of unsaved office files

Choose your file and then click the button -open


Second method

Look for AutoRecover Files

You can also look for Word backup files to get back unsaved Word document. Look for autorecover files, to find out the location where the document was actually saved.

Next, the steps given below will help you know how to recover Word document files if you are using Microsoft 2016 version of Word.

Go to File menu and from there  select – Options

Towards navigation pane on the left, just click the section that says – “Save

You can alter the time of saving automatically a recoverable copy of the file through – “Save AutoRecover information every N minutes  and simply click – OK

Third Method

Recover Unsaved Word Files using Document Recovery

In case your computer gets crashed all of a sudden with some unsaved word document files then simply re-open the specific Word Document, you will find the file towards the left side of –Document Recovery. Just double click on those files and you will automatically get back the unsaved documents.

Fourth Method

Retrieve your Lost/Deleted Word Document from Recycle Bin

Many times you delete your Word document accidentally by pressing -“Shift + Deleted”, don’t worry as you can retrieve it by heading to – Recycle Bin and fetch the Word document again.

Open – recycle bin on your PC

Here you will be able to view your Word document. Just right-click on those documents and simply click – “Restore” to get back Word document you deleted accidentally.

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