How to Fix- “System Thread Exception Not Handled Error in Windows”

When you switch ON your computer and get to see an error message – SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED, it can be really frustrating. You may be searching for solutions to eliminate the error. Just go through the article to find out different solutions that could help you fix the problem.

Update the driver resulting in error

The error can occur due to faulty drivers too, especially issues with graphics card drivers.

You may come across error – SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED along with igdkmd64.sys. In case the driver is faulty or conflicts with other programs or drivers you won’t be able to boot your computer and in worst cases you may end up getting blue screen of death errors.

system thread

Well, using Event Viewer can help you find the driver that is resulting in the error.

1) From your keyboard, press – Windows +R key together and start run command

2) Type in – cmd and then hit Enter.

3) Type in – eventvwr and hit Enter.

4) Open –Windows Logs, next, click – System.

5) Click on the tab –  Source. Here you will be able to make out what driver is responsible for the error – System Thread Exception Not Handled

Once you come to know the driver causing the issue, just continue to update it.

Update the driver manually – How?

It is easy to update the driver manually by visiting the manufacturer’s website and look for the latest driver. If you don’t have the time to do manually you can do it using third party software.

Check BIOS update

In case you are not able to install BIOS update on your own, please seek help from the manufacturer.

The BIOS (Basic Input Output System) incompatibility/ memory conflict/ IRQ (Interrupt Request) conflict can certainly be the reasons that result in the error. So, make sure you update the BIOS only if you know how to do it perfectly.

You can visit motherboard manufacturer’s website to know about the BIOS update. Prior to visiting the website make sure you have the motherboard name with you.

You can find the model no of the motherboard by performing the steps below.

1) From your keyboard, press –Windows +R key together and activate run command.

2) Type – cmd and then press Enter.

3) Type the command line given below or simply copy and paste it into command prompt. This will give you the model product number and motherboard manufacturer.

wmic baseboard get manufacturer, product

Also, you can visit the site of your computer manufacturer if you have purchased your PC from a store. You can look for the computer model there and also download BIOS there.

BIOS file is available in .zip format /.exe format. Well, it is little difficult to install BIOS update.

Check – hardware compatibility

If the hardware is incompatible it can also cause the error. Sometimes, you may get blue screen of death error in case you upgraded to Windows 10 recently.

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